Achieve the best performance and tournament results!

How can I improve my horse`s performance and support training with the BEST box and the BIOS blanket?

Your tournament preparation often starts with a detailed training plan for your horse. Considered here are the existing level of performance and any physical limitations. Every horse knows that the training should include regeneration phases, targeted recovery and health support. So the performance level of your horse is systematically and sustainably trained and the performance is continuously improved.

Weaknesses in the horse’s organism can have a negative effect on the training and training plan. Who does not know that. In order to avoid this, you can already check out the problem areas of your horse during a basic check in our BEST box. With a scan of the body’s own electromagnetic frequencies, you see in which area of ​​the organism blockages are present and if they are acute or last longer. Often the horse riders feel the problem regions, but the respective cause is not always clearly recognizable. The results of the scan in the BEST box are shown on a computer-aided basis and a comparison with a database plus an assignment via a coordinate system locates the weak points. The BEST Box deals with specially colored light and infrared B-rays these deficits. The optimal basis to specifically support the training plan from the beginning.

Our BIOS blanket, an efficient neuro-stimulation system, is used before and after training. For example the horse, is specially prepared for the training with the Activate program and supported after the regeneration program in the recovery phase. How does the BIOS ceiling work? The Bio Stimulation causes via neuro-stimulation systems the stimulating and performance-enhancing stimuli to be conveyed via the sympathetic nervous system and via the parasympathetic nervous system opposing stimulations with relaxation-promoting. The vegetative nervous system can thus ensure the inner balance of vital functions such as breathing, heartbeat, digestion and metabolism. The communication in the nervous system is based on electromagnetic signals; the BIOS-blanket warms up the blood circulation and calms the horse in front of the riding field, it increases concentration, promotes regeneration after the tournament and positively influences circulatory, muscles, metabolism.