Equusir BIOS Bio-Stimulation Dog

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  • Biostimulation
  • Neurostimulation
  • Dog blanket


Whether to increase the concentration, to relax or to activate: Vital functions such as blood pressure, muscle tone and respiration determine whether the body of the dog is ready for performance or can regenerate. The EQUUSIR BIOS blanket is particularly gentle and highly effective for the dog. It complies with all valid anti-doping rules and drug control rules (ADMR).

EQUUSIR BIOS Bio-Stimulation gives the dog the right vibration.
The EQUUSIR BIOS blanket puts muscles, organs and nerves in a harmonized state and thus has a lot of positive effects on the animals body.

Through its special impulse setting our products influence the neurovegetative system of the dog. They capture situational physical and mental overreactions.

Energetically negative effects (nutritional deficiencies, lack of time, psychological stress) and their consequences (high blood pressure, immunodeficiency, tension, lack of vitality) are positively reversed.

The EQUUSIR BIOS blanket is easy to use and can be used anywhere thanks to battery operation.

The set includes a blanket (80 x 60 cm or 105 x 80 cm) as well as control unit and charger.



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